About SMN Infotech

SMN Infotech provides a range of versatile solutions for the IT industry specially in Infrastructure Management Services(IMS) to growing companies. Our service -level driven delivery platform based on pro-active IT Infrastructure Management and remote IT Support ensures maximum application availability and optimal performance for your network. This makes your business more efficient and productive.

SMN Infotech designs, installs and maintains the many network systems of a complex organization. Our Total Solution approach encompasses not just one network element, but all network systems. We provide a detailed documentation which includes all phases of your project, from system designing through project implementation and continuing support long after your project is complete. Our perspective is to be dependable for not just for one project, but to build a long-term relationship and become your trusted technology partner.

SMN Infotech offers comprehensive-consulting services for analyzing your business processes, developing a five-years SMN Infotech plan and designing your network systems. We offer a single source for procuring, engineering, and installing all major network systems, including IP Telephony, Network Security, Content Delivery, Data System Storage, Internet Access, Remote Access, Building Management, Physical Security, Audio/Video, Data Infrastructure, CC T.V, Access Point, Structured Cabling, Point- to-Point/Multipoint Wireless Links, Wireless Systems and Web Development. We offer extensive post-installation training and support that keeps your network functioning, your employees productive, and protects your financial investment. By producing all the elements of a major technology program under one roof, we are able to bring you a one of a kind experience beginning with our knowledgeable Account and Project Managers all the way through to our expert Engineering staff. We maintain the most qualified staff, and proudly carry certifications in all specialty areas to provide you with a single source for a comprehensive, integration program.

To facilitate our approach, we utilize advanced project management techniques that keep your complex program under absolute control, from start to finish.

Our approach eliminates waste and saves you time. You get an accurate design, better program control, smooth implementation, less program stress, more functionality from your

Technology and most importantly, faster development on your technology investment.

As an executive, you can no longer manage your organization's network systems as a collection of parts. You must think in terms of a total investment that is to be managed for a total return. The stakes are high. Ongoing advances in technology are enabling stunning gains in productivity. Give us a call to review your total network technology requirements and let us bring you a total solution. The Only Solution is a Total Solution from SMN Infotech.